Willoughby Sports & Spinal Physiotherapy is dedicated to providing the local community with professional and friendly care for sports injuries, spinal conditions and general physiotherapy.

We are a patient focused practice and promote a friendly environment, whether you are a young family, office worker, weekend warrior or elite athlete.

You should expect one on one sessions with your physiotherapist to address the underlying background behind your condition. Your treatment will be centred on the latest research with a focus on manual therapies and exercise rehabilitation.

You do not need a GP referral to make an appointment with us.

To make an appointment or enquiry please call 9958 7935.

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Our Services

Sports Injuries

We have a particular interest in the diagnosis and management of acute sports injuries as well as pre and post op rehabilitation. We are committed to helping athletes successfully return to sport and place a heavy emphasis on prevention of further injuries.

Spinal & Pelvic Issues

We are experienced in dealing with spinal and pelvic conditions, from acute episodes to chronic conditions. A thorough assessment, diagnosis and individualised management plan ensures a successful recovery for our patients.

Pre & Post Op Rehabilitation

For patients who require orthopaedic surgery, we can manage the recovery process from diagnosis, imaging and pre-op through to the post op rehabilitation.

General Injuries

For many patients, their injury can come on slowly over weeks or months until it reaches a point where it interrupts their normal daily activities. Whether you have an acute or chronic issue, we can help you return to full health.

Other Services

  • Dealing with school age kids who are suffering with pain while trying to manage a load of 3 or 4 different sports is a challenge we enjoy. We understand the many demands of training and competition as well as the stress of a growing body. It is important to get the full picture with this age group and to completely understand the cause of their symptoms. This can mean addressing more than just one area and often involves delicately managing the load of sports scheduling as well as the symptoms. We work to maintain activities and sports wherever possible, whilst paying close attention to the needs of the growing body.

Adolescent Growth & Sports Injuries
  • Osteoarthritis affects so many of our patients, but often in different ways. During your treatment, you should expect to set personalised goals to ensure the management plan suits your individual needs. The dominant focus for all arthritis management is exercise and will involve a prescription of appropriate home exercises as well as supervised activities during your session.

    If arthritis is stopping you from enjoying your regular activities, give us a call today and come in for an assessment.

Arthritis Management
  • We place great emphasis on injury prevention whether you are a junior soccer player, state netballer, elite swimmer or returning from injury. For this reason, we are dedicated to providing both individuals and teams with in depth sports screenings. This can be pre-season or throughout competition. It involves coming into the clinic for a general and sports specific assessment across all relevant areas for your sport. You will then receive an individualised rehabilitation program to address any underlying imbalances or prevent high risk injuries.

    We have experience across a range of sports, but take great care prior to your appointment in getting to know the specific requirements of your sport and common injuries with which it is associated. To book a screening, please give us a call today.

Sports Screenings

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